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Break the Mesmerism of Limitation

We have all been shaped by teachings imposed on us since birth.  Today, we are victimized by a world in conflict, chaos, confusion corruption and contradiction.  Beyond finding some guru to help us, we are offered no option other than to take some pills, accept it, learn to cope with it and hope for the best.  None of these options offer any realistic long range solution.  To be free, we would do well to listen to the words of Dr. Einstein.

When he was asked what gave him the most trouble in his efforts to discover what turned out to be his revolutionary Theory of Relativity, he said the most difficult thing he had to do was to forget everything he had been taught up the age of 18.

He realized that if he were to discover anything truly new, he must depart from conventional concepts and be free of the traditional non-productive thinking of his colleagues.   He must be creative and begin his reasoning from a fresh, impersonal, unencumbered premise.  For us to be free of adverse influences, we, too, must depart from the false teachings of the “preachers of doom”, heed Dr. Einstein’s observation and “go and do likewise”.

“Creativity”, according to Webster, is “The ability to be productive through imaginative skills”; he also tells us that “productivity” is “to establish results, benefits and profits”.

We must change our perspective.   This is not always easy, but there is no other option if you are to imbibe a creative life-altering creative perspective.

Yield to these simple rules when confronted by any adverse circumstances.

1. Find some quiet place to relax and get comfortable.   Close your eyes and clear your mind of any preconceived ideas and thoughts.

2. Contemplate the one fact (“Something that has actual existence, a piece of evidence having objective reality”. Webster) that you can know without any support from any external source or influence.   You KNOW that you are consciously aware and are a conscious thinking individual.  Know that you can truthfully declare, without any imposed influences, that “I am”, now.

3.  Accept the fact that you did not create yourself.  Therefore you must be the effect of a greater cause that did.  You are an independent, individual expression of one infinite cause: consciousness.  This fact is not debatable but is a fundamental natural law that can withstand any challenge.

4.  Assume a “LISTENING” attitude.  We have been trained to listen to “noises” but now we are going to listen to the silence of your stilled consciousness.  You will begin to be aware of creative ideas from within your consciousness.

Because you are aware of nothing other than your inseparable oneness with this one infinite consciousness, these ideas must be in concert with universal, natural laws and principles which a defined by Webster as, “the creative and controlling forces of the universe”.

The absolute nature of this infinite consciousness precludes the possibility of there being anything that would oppose its unchallenged supremacy…without limits or exceptions.

5.  Being alone and at one with infinity, you can see that nothing can exist external to your conscious awareness.  Everything originates from within because infinity knows no “out there”.  Whatever you are aware of exists only as in image in your mind.  Providing the proper environment of your quiet, listening attitude, ideas will appear to you in whatever tangible, practical form will best promote your harmonious life experiences.

There is no evidence that any finite person, place or thing has an existence separate from your personal mental mage of it.  EVERYTHING of which you are aware must, by virtue of natural laws, principles and definition, exist only in your individual conscious awareness.

Maintaining this mindset, you will be able to separate yourself from the appearance of a turbulent, finite world and its claim to power. It is only by this scientific departure from concepts founded on fraudulent finite human concepts that one can prove the efficacy of this approach whose root cause is based in the infinity of a perfect universe.

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Something for Nothing

The content of your consciousness, or mindset, is the most powerful force in the universe.  This content is comprised of IDEAS.   Ideas are “mental images in thought” (Webster) and reside only within your own consciousness awareness, or, mind.

The quality of your life experiences, then, are directly proportionate to your control of the content of your mindset which Webster defines as:

“A mental attitude that determines and influences events and circumstances; a fixed way of thinking”

It is a fundamental scientific fact that nothing exists external to your own individual conscious awareness.  This awareness appears to us as the “events and circumstances” comprising our entire life experiences.

These IDEAS are FREE and without limit.  They appear to our conscious awareness when we provide the proper mental environment.  We do this by getting quiet and assuming a LISTENING attitude.  This will clear the way for the right ideas to flow from within your infinite, spiritual, incorporeal being or identity to your conscious awareness and mindset.

This is not always easy to do because our mind seems to wander and thoughts come and go like popcorn.  This tends to dilute our best efforts to focus and establish a firm, productive mindset.

Toward establishing and maintaining a constructive mindset, I have developed an exciting item that will help you maintain a steady flow of motivating and inspirational ideas to reinforce the constancy of your mindset  For many years I have personally proven its effectiveness for myself and to the benefit of many clients.

This item is a uniquely dynamic product.   At the risk of seeming evasive, I have tried many times to describe it but doing so is tantamount to attempting to describe music without hearing it.  Even pictures of it do not communicate its dynamic impact.  Its dramatic effect lies in its being visual so, in fairness, it needs to be seen and used to be of long term benefit to you.

I want you to EXPERIENCE the effect of this product without any encumbrances or preconceived opinions.  To do so, you have to see it and use it unconditionally.  Rather than offer an “if you don’t like it send it back” guarantee.   I want you to keep it and use it. … forever.

Toward this, if you are one of those rare individuals who is genuinely intent on restructuring your mindset, I am offering this item FREE to the first 20 of my blog followers who request it.

Just send me your name and mail address (which I will keep confidential) and I will send it out to you immediately.  No charge, absolutely FREE, no obligation and pre-paid postage and handling.

Why am I doing this?

1. Because it departs from ordinary procedures and challenges traditional “promotions”

2.  because it conforms to my unique, scientific  approach to “LIVING BETTER FOREVER

3. because I firmly believe in the “Freely ye have received, free give” (Matthew 10:8) philosophy

4. I have proven many times that  “We prosper by giving”.

If you have not already done so, you would do well to read my book, “The Science of LIVING BETTER FOREVER.” I’d love to discuss the book with you after you’ve read it. As always, feel free to email me any questions you have.

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P Television

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Whenever I turn on the television to catch up on the news, I am reminded of what a lousy place the world is to live in. Given a choice, who in their right mind would choose to live in world comprised of violence, chaos, confusion, corruption and blatant ignorance??

Wolfgang von Goethe was right when he said, “there is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action.”

What went wrong? We are basically a good and loving people. You and I exhibit a high sense of integrity, fair play and a natural tendency to care for those in need. We are a peaceful people and intend to keep it that way by punishing or rehabilitating those who are not. We see the benefit of adhering to the law, trust in the legal system and express love and gratitude even in the most trying of situations.

There is a paradox here. In spite of our inherent goodness, we seem to be mixed with an opposite experiences of negative behavior, events and circumstance.

By definition, opposites cannot be comingled or justified one to the other. They are “elements that are so far apart and diverse as to be totally irreconcilable one to the other” (Webster) Because these opposites cannot, by law, be justified one the other, we compelled be obedient to the biblical admonition: “Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15)

Being opposites, one is true and one is false. One is real and one is unreal. One is spiritual and the other is material. If we don’t make a choice between these two, we will have unintentionally tried to mix that which, by definition, cannot be mixed. This results in those things we call problems, discord, imbalance, etc. and will continue until such time as we make a conscious separation between these constructive and the destructive element.

In looking at the environment in which “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28), let us be discriminating as to how we observe and react to the world around us.

“Observation” is defined by Webster as, “An act or power of recognizing, seeing or sensing the way in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed.”

“Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve.” Your life experiences depend on making the right choice.

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Telling It Like It Is

It is not my intent to scare you, but let me ask you a question.  Have you ever taken a real close look at the world environment you awaken to each day? It is the environment into which we were born.  It is world which we have blindly accepted and adapted to ever since.

Anything and everything you observe and experience in the world around you is totally subjective,  ie. within you.  It is a fraudulent unreal illusion.  It is finite, limited, negative, powerless and without substance, law or principle.  It has no real identity and is totally illusory.  It is material, temporal and the embodiment of ignorance.  The only place it exists is in your consciousness…not  ”out there” somewhere.

It warrants no more attention than the Tooth Fairy, images on a movie screen or any other fantasy.   Through our ignorance and false teaching we have built our own imaginary kingdom and filled it with make-believe stuff.

I know this is hard to accept because it is counter to everything we have been taught. But it is in perfect conformity to scientific rules and principles (“The knowledge or discovery of the operation of laws, principles and facts subject to proof…not subject to speculation, conjecture or any assumption without proof.”) We can believe Aldus Huxley when he said “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

Like it or not, this is a portrait of our human, earthly “life.”  Like begets like and, because of its negative, unreal nature, it is incapable of producing anything unlike itself.  With ignorance as its premise we can expect no effects other than chaos, confusion, conflict and corruption.  Even the pseudo-mind that experiences these discords is unreal and exists only as an inverted misconception of the one infinite true consciousness.

In the world of illusions and shadows, there is only one thing we can know of a certainty.  It is that you and I, individually, are consciously aware of the fact that we exist.  Because we are not aware of any option, (you can’t know what does not exist) we give these appearances credence, look to them for our welfare, supply and the solution to our problems.  We trust this make-believe world to give us life and sustain our health and longevity. We assume it will give us peace, harmony and balance in our life experiences.  When this doesn’t work, we consult with gurus or we pray to some man made images hoping that whatever form we are praying to, will somehow bypass natural laws and intercede in our behalf.

As long as we, in our ignorance, embrace this fraudulent environment, we can expect to experience its devastating effects.  The German philosopher Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-18320 got it right when he observed, “There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action.”

Wouldn’t you give anything to be free of this disruptive pressure cooker world and be harmoniously guided by the same natural laws and principles that keep the planets in their orbits, control the seasons and give life to all growing things?

Surely there must be a reality we can count on.  There is. Gratefully, we don’t have to remain the victims of the destructive world we were born to. We have the option of ignoring the unreal human existence and focusing our full attention on the reality of the universe; the one infinite, all-inclusive, perfect, unlimited Consciousness:

“That which is aware, known or felt by one’s inner self. ..the upper levels of mental   life of which a person is aware.”

This consciousness is YOUR consciousness, your only true identity.

How do we make the transition from the false to the true?  Gratefully we don’t have to!  We are already there.  All we need to do is to become consciously aware of this fact, accept it and know it is forever committed to our well being.  As long as you are consciously aware of this, with a positive expectancy and the exclusion of everything else, you embody the entire infinite, perfection and power of the one Infinite universe.  It is the Law.

“This is a spiritual universe… Trying to change a material universe or trying to humanly interfere with what is going on in the world, will get you nowhere. There is no permanent peace in fighting the evils of the word with the weapons of the world….the evils of the world are not power.” (Awakening Spiritual Consciousness, Joel Goldsmith).

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An uptight world grabs our attention and we respond to it.  There seems to be ample justification for our worries, frustrations, anxieties and fear of the future just by virtue of being born into a world seemingly on a path of self destruction..  We need a diversion; a new perspective.

I am reminded of the story of some New York business men who heard that in the then-wild west there were great opportunities for new, profitable enterprises.  They decided to check it out so they boarded a train to Texas.  At the train station, they boarded a stage coach that would take them to their hotel.

The stage coach was driven by a grizzly old experienced driver who drove his horses at full gallop along narrow dirt trails, around tight curves and frighteningly close to drop-off cliffs.

His greenhorn passengers felt sure this old man was bent on self-destruction and was going to take them with him!

When the driver saw his passengers were cowering in absolute fear and hanging on for dear life, he turned to them and said, “Say folks.  If you want to enjoy this ride you’ll have to learn how the set loose!”

Living in a turbulent world we all need to learn how to “set loose.”  We need to reserve a quiet place in our mind into which we can retire to set loose for a minute.

A few years ago I saw the following that gave me a new perspective.  I don’t know what genius originated it, but it’s worthy of review every now and then:

  • Do a cartwheel
  • Sing into your hairbrush
  • Dunk your cookies
  • Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along
  • Step carefully over sidewalk cracks
  • Kiss a frog, just in case
  • Blow the wrapper off a straw
  • Stay up after your bedtime
  • Eat desSert first
  • Put way too much sugar on your cereal
  • Giggle for no reason
  • Make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner.

There!    Now I feel better. What would you add to this list?

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Let’s Get Real

Pecans are common throughout Kirby
Image via Wikipedia

Some extraterrestrials came to explore the earth when they noticed an abundance of hard, brown objects under a tree. They hailed an Earthling to inquire about what they were. The Earthling told them they were pecan nuts that had come from the pecan tree. They totally rejected this explanation because it was obvious that it was physically impossible for these rock-hard nuts to come from the skinny little twigs that comprised the tree.

Had they been informed of the process by which this happened they would not have rejected what to us was obvious.

To our observation, life in this finite world is comprised of persons, places and things interacting with each other producing various events and circumstances to which we must adjust on a daily basis.

Stop right here and realize that you were born to this environment and whatever you know about the “ways of the world” are what you have learned from others or have figured out for yourself.

From his book, Consciousness is All, Peter Dziuban writes: “Right now, ask yourself what it would be like if absolutely all that exists is a state of Pure consciousness.

“What if there were nothing physical or material anywhere, but only Consciousness …only a state of pure intelligence or Mind? There would be none of the limitations that go with a material world full of physical objects because there isn’t one…..Sound incredible? At one time, the round earth sounded incredible too.”

We must realize that we are presently in a continuity of expanding intelligence and discovery that began when our primitive forebears survived without the benefit of our present day technology and “civilized” intellect.. Looking beyond the “obvious,” there is a higher consciousness awareness and level of understanding that cannot be assimilated by our puny human intellect. Without a transition into this higher dimension of conscious being, we will remain imprisoned in the finite world of limitation, chaos, confusion and conflict.

Find a quiet place, get comfortable, empty your mind of all thoughts and LISTEN. Sooner or later, you will experience the indescribable impact of a new consciousness. In this state of enlightened awareness you will have made a transition that silences the chaotic human mind and gives you that “peace that passeth understanding” and you will be embraced in the one, all-inclusive infinite consciousness…. YOUR true consciousness.

We find, through Mr Dziuban and others, that nothing exists outside of one’s individual consciousness awareness. The universe is infinite and, by its very nature and definition, does not include anything finite or negative. This scientific fact confirms the unreality of everything we are aware of in the hostile environment we have inherited and in which we find ourselves.

“All is infinite mind and its infinite manifestation for God is all in all… Since God is All, there is no room for His unlikeness.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy)

As Dr. Einstein tells us, we must “learn to see the world anew.” We do this through observation, “An act or power of recognition, seeing or sensing the way in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed.” (Webster)

Let me give you a question that will challenge your powers of observation as the pecans did for the Aliens:

I have with me a physically tangible object that nobody in the entire universe has ever seen. You’re probably thinking that this is some sort of a trick because if nobody has ever seen it, how can you possibly have it.

If you don’t know the answer, it’s because you, like our Aliens, are limiting your observing to the “obvious” and are overlooking the simple answer that’s right before you.

(If you can’t figure it out, contact me and I’ll give you the answer.)

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When All Else Fails…

In a recent blog, “Lessons from Spilled Oil,” I made the point that while there is a place for technology and engineering expertise, too often one can get so cluttered up with their limiting parameters that simple solutions are overlooked. There are times when a non-technical good idea is more productive than engineering overkill.

After I posted my article, I saw a neighbor under the hood of his truck. Threads on the screw that kept his distributor cap tight and in place had been stripped which prevented the distributor from working properly. The placement of the distributor was located in such a position that it made simple repair methods next to impossible.

After spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to reach the stripped screw and/or to remove the parts that made it unreachable, he displayed utter frustration.

The point I made in my article was that solutions to problems are not necessarily what mainstream methods and procedures would have us believe. I pointed out to my friend that the problem did not necessarily involve replacing the stripped screw; the objective was to find some simple means by which the distributor cap could remain tight and secure.

With that mindset, an idea occurred to me that had nothing to do with “obvious” procedures. We implemented my abstract idea it in less than a minute and that distributor cap is tighter now than it was when the truck was new. A difficult, frustrating problem yielded to the implementation of a simple idea.

I mentioned in my “Spilled Oil” blog that I have highly visible 3-Dsigns around my office. (I call them “Thought Boxes”*) In addition to the one that reminds me “Don’t do stupid stuff” is another that was appropriate for solving my neighbor’s problem: “When you react to appearances, you are not in control.” It is often more productive to look away from the problem and focus on being aware of ideas that will achieve the objective.

Lift your thought out of traditional thought processes Ideas will unfold from within your individual conscious awareness. They will answer any question, meet any need and reveal the proper procedures by which one can meet any goal or objective. And it doesn’t matter whether it is an oil spill in the Gulf, an automotive problem, surviving a hurricane or any other “problem”, the principle is the same. Contemplate only infinite consciousness and assume a listening attitude. This will release the flow ideas whose only purpose is to reverse any adverse situation into harmony.

When all else fails, INNOVATE!

*(I find my “Thought Boxes” keep my thoughtts focused in a positive, constructive mindset. You can anticipate an article addressing this concept soon. I’m sure you could benefit from them as I do.)

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Peace Amid Chaos

We all aspire to achieving that seemingly elusive “peace that passeth understanding.” It represent that Utopian mental state where we are free from earthly pressures, anxieties and fear of the future.

Do you think for a minute that you will ever find this kind of peace and freedom originating in the finite world that is the root cause of universal discord, chaos and confusion?


Peace is embodied exclusively in the one infinite consciousness which, by its own infinite nature, knows no opposites such as chaos, confusion, conflict and corruption.

To experience that ”peace that passeth understanding,” we must lift our conscious awareness out of the finite human mind and totally embrace the one infinite conscious.

Transforming the focus of your conscious awareness is not unlike the phenomenon of viewing an optical illusion. In focusing your attention on the diagram you find that, sooner or later, the diagram seems to shift from one perspective to another. To shift the focus of your consciousness, find some quiet place, relax, empty your mind of all thoughts, mentally see the infinitude of your mental vision and assume an expectant LISTENING attitude.

Like the optical illusion, you will become aware of shift in your conscious awareness and an overwhelming sense of freedom, joy and well being. This shift may happen immediately or might take some time. Make it a habit to repeat this “search” as many times a day as you can.

We must constantly challenge ourselves by asking, “Consciousness where are thou? Art thou in the belief that the mind is in matter and that evil is mind? or art thou living in the faith that there is no other mind but God and keeping His commandments?” (“Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, pg. 307)

It was Helen Keller who said, “I do not want the peace that passeth understanding, I want the understanding that bringeth peace.”

The impact of this “peace that passeth understanding” may last only a split second but it will be so intense, you will not mistake it for anything other than the one infinite consciousness making itself known to you.

Let us lift our consciousness to contemplate and understand the infinite vastness of the one true conscious awareness that defines the universe. This true, unopposed nature of this universe is absolute, defined by Webster as, “That which is free from imperfection or mixture.” It forbids the existence of any opposing concepts. Know, too, that this infinite, peaceful universe is forever committed to maintaining your well being through its own mandated laws and principles.

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Lessons from Spilled Oil

A beach after an oil spill.
Image via Wikipedia

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a classic example of what can happen when over confident people think they can make short cuts when dealing with natural laws and principles. Had engineers respected the irrevocable nature of these laws and principles the present catastrophe would not have happened.

(I have several highly visible 3-D signs around my office that remind me, “Don’t do stupid stuff”).

That BP engineers and management have not succeeded in stopping the oil leak tells me that, whatever they are doing, they’re doing it wrong.

If my experience as a professional problem solver tells me anything, it’s that BP engineers are focusing too much on the problem and not enough on a solution. This is just the opposite of what their focus should be. Not only because I have proven my unique scientific approach to the benefit of a widely diverse clientele for more than 50 years but because Dr. Einstein and other thinkers throughout history have reminded us, “You cannot solve a problem from within the same consciousness that created it.” BP doesn’t need more of the technological “expertise” that caused the problem, they need to reject their expertise and be responsive to new IDEAS.

There is a creative process that will meet any need, solve any problem and meet any goal or objective. There is virtually no adverse situation or circumstance that cannot be resolved by the proper application of natural laws and principles; “the creative and controlling forces of the universe.” (Webster)

(A logical continuity of these natural laws and principles is outlined in my book, “The Science of LIVING BETTER FOREVER.”)

In all recorded history nothing was ever accomplished, no need was ever met and no problem was ever solved that didn’t begin with an IDEA. The right idea can change the world. Ideas do not originate in the finite world of technology and limitation. They are revealed to the receptive thought of one trained in how to access them.

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from a company that had a vat of liquid filled with a lot of loose material suspended in it on the first floor of their building. They needed to transfer just the liquid into a vat on the second floor.

No problem. All they had to do was to pump it up, right? Wrong! The solid debris fouled up the pump. Pump experts were consulted and new pumps were installed with similar clogging results. It was then decided that what they needed was a better filtering system to remove the debris before it got to the pumps. Various filter designs were tested but they, too, became clogged. The company’s management was convinced they had a serious filter/pump problem that was not only insurmountable but costly.

The solution to their “impossible” situation lay, not in addressing it as a filter/pump problem, but in seeing it as a need to transfer clean liquid from point A to point B. What they really needed was to reject the usual engineering approach (that didn’t work!) and find a new IDEA that would. They needed a new creative approach.

“Creativity” is defined by Webster as, “The ability to be productive through imaginative skills.” (notice he makes no reference to technology or skilled training, just the imagination) and “productive,” “to establish results, benefits and profits.”

A new, unorthodox system was developed and implemented that involve neither pumps nor filters. A conveyor belt affixed with sponges was cycled through the lower vat, absorbing just the liquid, and conveyed to the second floor where the clean liquid was simply wrung out. Problem solved.

Two axioms come into play:

1. The longer a person (technician) works in a given field the less likely he will come up with a creative idea. Familiarity can thwart expansive thinking.

2. History proves that the greatest creative contributions are made through a mind not too fully packed with existing knowledge or the awareness of past failure. New ideas usually come from sources outside the organization.

There are lots of ways to plug up a pipe. To date, all the “obvious” technological approaches have failed. As in the case of our pump / filter scenario, the solution will most likely be a radical departure from the “obvious” engineering approach and come from OUTSIDE the organization. There are thousands of people with ideas on how to solve the problem (myself included). In my opinion, BP needs to publicize an open channel to accept these ideas, set up submission parameters and a mechanism for objective evaluation

There is already more technical expertise than needed (axiom 1). What they need now is the uncluttered simplicity of a good outside ideas and concepts (axiom 2). Working together, the engineers can put the nuts and bolds of practicality to viable innovative submissions.

Traditionally, organization is the enemy of innovation and tends to retreat into an “N. I. H. (Not Invented Here) mode to defend themselves against anything that might challenge their technological mindset. But the enormity of the Gulf crisis demands an impersonal cooperative effort. The time has come to start thinking and forget all the reasons why past attempts have failed.

When all else fails, INNOVATE!

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What’s In It For Me?


Why should you look into a higher dimension of conscious awareness that promises you greater, more permanent success, prosperity, freedom and harmonious life experiences when you’re doing OK the way you are?


Because, if you are a forward looking person, there are always new horizons that should be explored. If you’re like a lot of folks today, you look around the world and are disturbed by the rampant discord, chaos, corruption, financial disruption and every other malady known to man. If they haven’t done so already, sooner or later these conditions will have a negative impact in your life… unless you do something about it now.

If you need one reason why you should at least look into a proven, scientific method of preventing these world problems from influencing your life, this would be it.

I have proven specific, scientific laws and principles in my own personal and professional life and to the benefit of hundreds of clients over the past 50+ years; all since I discovered relevant natural laws and principles that, according to Webster, are the “creative and controlling forces of the universe”. These same laws and principles are completely impersonal and, when properly implemented, can do the same for you.

I know the built-in resistance to taking that “big step” to pursue the unknown. But, I respectfully suggest that you “Push your comfort zone,” contact me and let’s discuss it.

There is nothing more important in your life than to reject your earthly, finite concept of reality, embrace and maintain your spiritual (“Incorporeal; a life-giving force; an animating principle having no material body or form” Webster), conscious unity with this one infinite consciousness and allow it to so dominate your life that you instinctively subordinate… reject… any and all challenges to its allness.

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